Please, Bear With Me…

Black Bear sitting on tree stumpWhile I freak out!

I looked out my dining room window this morning and choked on my coffee. I was afraid to move or make any sound. I figured if I could see out my glass dining room, he could see in. Not that I wanted to jump up and get it, but I still have not found my damn camera. We all know it’s in that #$%&@!  box..

This photo, taken through a window screen, with my iPhone, as I am shaking, is the only proof I have for my argument: there ARE bears in these woods!  An argument I didn’t particularly want to win, nevertheless, being right is always such a rush for me. (I can’t help this,  it’s genetic -ask any McGuire.)

Why, oh why, didn’t I order that bear repellent I saw online?  I listened to hubby’s opinion that it was a crock, and there was “no such thing as bear repellent”, – that’s why. This is the same man who told me “it hardly ever snows in Arnold”.  And yet I’m still listening to him…  Just one example of how love makes you stupid.

After staring through the window for five minutes, I began to suspect Mr. Bear was asleep. He was not moving around, or taking any notice of the occasional man-made noises. Does a bear meditate in the woods?  I made a mental note to Google search on bears, as soon as I was free to move.

Speaking of moving –  I have to risk it because I seriously have to pee (More like PEE). I quietly roll out of the chair and on the carpet. On all fours, the wall hides me from view and I make it to the guest bathroom in time.

My guess is that Mr. Bear is a Black Bear. Black Bears are vegetarians, who like to meditate (apparently). Unlike their carnivore cousins, the Grizzly Bears.  I would bet money Grizzlies don’t meditate in the woods, or anywhere else.

Regardless, when I crawled back to the dinning room and peeked out the window, Mr. Bear was gone. I kept an eye out for him all day, but didn’t see him.


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  1. How cool was that? I love seeing criiters in nature. One of tgenparks we stayed at in Florida had a small canal, with a cute little alligator in it! Really cool!


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