Let It Go (non-Disney version)

I have started posting signs, sayings and photos around my office. Most of the time to motivate me, but sometimes they are to warn people.

ThreeSidesThere is a magnet on the fridge that says “Don’t make me go to my Dark Side”.  I did not buy it to be funny, but many  people at work thought it was.  Obviously they never saw it.  The Number 3 side I mean. The Dark One.

I am not a dark kind of person. When I do feel ‘darkish’, I hide it. Until I can go off and be alone. Because I  must  let it out. Very bad things can happen if I don’t.

Like a pressure cooker, it builds up, and as more annoyances, and irritants pile on, they cause more pressure to build. If I don’t let some steam escape now and then, eventually like a pressure cooker, I will blow.

The aftermath rarely injures anyone but myself. Because instead of an “explosion”, it’s more of an “implosion”. Anyone who has had therapy will tell you – anger turned inward = depression.  We must let out some steam now and then to prevent the Dark Side from winning. It can also prevent homicide and prison.

I am not a therapist. I am, however, qualified to pass along advice about those things that I know help me.  They may not help you in the same way, but they may inspire ways that could. Cool, huh?

Letting it Go…

  • Think of how this, whatever this is, will make a funny blog-post.
  • Repeat after me, “There is no law against stupid”.
  • Tape your Halloween “special effects” when you get home and start screaming. No reason to waste good screams.
  • Plan a new fun project – with a skill you enjoy the most. I quilt. I love taking things apart and putting them back together. Differently.
  • Pull weeds. Seriously. This symbolizes removing the things you don’t want in your life. I like ripping those *#$%@!! weeds out of the Earth. If you don’t have enough weeds, pull your neighbors. They won’t mind.
  • Adopt a dog to cuddle and take for walks. Sorry, cat people, but cats won’t work.
  • iPod + housework. Similar to the weed thing.

If y’all have something that works for you – don’t be selfish! Tell the rest of us about it  😉



Um, Where Was I?

September is National Menopause Awareness Month

The 7 Dwarfs Of Menopause

Did I forget to mention the forgetfulness? It would not surprise me…

I tend to be a little absent-minded when I’m focused (obsessed?) on one particular task. However, I am starting to forget the unforgettable, and this scares me.  What I mean is, forgetting important things in my daily routine, like taking the medication I’m supposed to, when I’m supposed to. Because it’s what is keeping me alive.

Earlier this week I did my morning routine and got to work on time as usual. About an hour later it suddenly occurred to me that I had not given myself my morning dose of insulin. Holy crap!

“What is wrong with me?!” I asked myself, in my whiny voice.

“Why can’t I remember anything?” I later asked my doctor.  She tells me it’s just another symptom of – you guessed it – menopause.

I want to menoSTOP !. This menopausing thing is not working out so well. Those people who tell me, “Oh, it’s not going to kill you”, do not know what they are talking about. Because it could.

Hubby says I just have Alzheimer’s, which only runs in his family, BTW. I would find that amusing, except now I’m worried about his mental state. What is he forgetting? Our 23rd anniversary is quickly approaching.

He better not forget that 😉

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Difficult to Deal With

September is National Menopause Awareness Month

The 7 Dwarfs Of Menopause  “It is estimated that eight women in ten experience common symptoms leading up to the menopause. Of these, 45 per cent find the symptoms difficult to deal with.”

Who is this medical genius that keeps getting quoted? Sheesh!  Allow me to translate:”Nearly half of menopausal women go through Hell.” Am I surprised that I missed out on being in the 55% of non-Hell-bound women? Ha!  Not at all.

Remember, I’m a freak of nature. A manic-depressive, asthmatic, diabetic, addict, with sclerosis and thyroid disease, kept alive by modern medicine. Also, I got the chicken pox in my 30’s and nearly died. [Somewhere there are pictures of me in a medical journal, and except for the scabs covering my person (and I mean my entire person), I would have been naked.They told me I was too old to be getting the pox. Six months later, they told me I was too young to have the shingles. Apparently my body does whatever, and whenever it wants. Certain parts age faster than others too. Someday I may blog about that. Or not.

I can see myself in the future telling horror stories to my granddaughters. According to my doctor, this is only the beginning of my journey to the other side 😉

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