Let It Go (non-Disney version)

I have started posting signs, sayings and photos around my office. Most of the time to motivate me, but sometimes they are to warn people.

ThreeSidesThere is a magnet on the fridge that says “Don’t make me go to my Dark Side”.  I did not buy it to be funny, but many  people at work thought it was.  Obviously they never saw it.  The Number 3 side I mean. The Dark One.

I am not a dark kind of person. When I do feel ‘darkish’, I hide it. Until I can go off and be alone. Because I  must  let it out. Very bad things can happen if I don’t.

Like a pressure cooker, it builds up, and as more annoyances, and irritants pile on, they cause more pressure to build. If I don’t let some steam escape now and then, eventually like a pressure cooker, I will blow.

The aftermath rarely injures anyone but myself. Because instead of an “explosion”, it’s more of an “implosion”. Anyone who has had therapy will tell you – anger turned inward = depression.  We must let out some steam now and then to prevent the Dark Side from winning. It can also prevent homicide and prison.

I am not a therapist. I am, however, qualified to pass along advice about those things that I know help me.  They may not help you in the same way, but they may inspire ways that could. Cool, huh?

Letting it Go…

  • Think of how this, whatever this is, will make a funny blog-post.
  • Repeat after me, “There is no law against stupid”.
  • Tape your Halloween “special effects” when you get home and start screaming. No reason to waste good screams.
  • Plan a new fun project – with a skill you enjoy the most. I quilt. I love taking things apart and putting them back together. Differently.
  • Pull weeds. Seriously. This symbolizes removing the things you don’t want in your life. I like ripping those *#$%@!! weeds out of the Earth. If you don’t have enough weeds, pull your neighbors. They won’t mind.
  • Adopt a dog to cuddle and take for walks. Sorry, cat people, but cats won’t work.
  • iPod + housework. Similar to the weed thing.

If y’all have something that works for you – don’t be selfish! Tell the rest of us about it  😉