Just When You Think The Worst is Over..


Trent and Jed do something ridiculous.  AGAIN!  Last week they waived Jerrod Haynes and sent him to the practice squad. Hey! Wait a minute. Isn’t Jerrod God’s gift from Australia? The dude made yards and yards for the 49ers. What the Hell happened? I must have missed something important. I HATE when I do that.

Then, this week they traded Vernon Davis to the Denver Bronco’s. And for what?  Two late round draft picks.  Vernon Davis!?!  Egads!*  What – we have so many receivers that we can trade our best one to the Bronco’s?

I hold my breath now when I read the sports page. Today’s announcement about Kaepernick being 2nd QB on Sunday did not surprise me. In fact, I am all for throwing Gabbert out into the fray and seeing how he deals with it. I don’t have anything against Blaine Gabbert. But if he fails miserably in and out of the pocket, maybe 49er management will start getting a clue.

It could happen.

 * EGADS -A word my grandmother would use when she became so angered and befuddled by something she could not believe really happened. The tone and emphasis in which she spewed out this word frightened us kids. Our grandma did not need cuss words.

♥  TTFN  ♥

An Open Letter to My Addiction (a.k.a. The Bitch)

Dear Bitch,

Two years and three months have gone by without smoking a cigarette. My lungs can take some hiking now, and my asthma is like a childhood memory.

I smell pretty now – instead of like an ashtray.

I rarely think about smoking anymore, and when I do, I think how great it is to be free from nicotine.

And, then, from out of nowhere comes a flashback of lighting up and taking a drag. My subconscious grabs this image and decides, “a cigarette would be so good now!”

But I am wise to the sneaky-assed tactics you use to manipulate my mind. You are clever, I’ll give you that. You have all my buttons memorized and on your speed-dial.

English: Image of the insulaYou can even get me to question what I know is the truth. How you torture me!

Is your real name Insula? I have read that damage to the Insula in the brain will stop addiction to cigarette smoking. Well. Isn’t that special?  Deep down I think I suspected this all along…

In order to get rid of you once and for all, I must have a lobotomy.

You truly ARE a Bitch!!

For Santa’s Naughty List: Companies That Outsource


We (hubby and I) are so disgusted now with the company we retired from this summer.  I suspect that a lot of companies are doing the same thing. It still doesn’t make it right.

As a retiree, I no longer can use the company’s benefits office. Retiree benefits are outsourced to a large conglomerate somewhere in Illinois. They are the middle-man for your retiree medical plan. Retirees pay company, and they pay the bill to the carriers for you. Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Until you find out that the premiums they have taken out of your checking account are not going to your medical carrier.

In October hubby retired and signed up for his retiree benefits. November 1st, his first medical premium payment was paid and he signed up for auto-payment from our checking account. No problems with that. They were taking our money right on schedule. Because of his first payment crossing in the mail with the auto-payment set up, he was billed for Nov & Dec coverage at the same time, so now we had made 3 payments.

I contacted the outsource company about hubby’s over-payment. I also was going to complain about hubby not receiving his medical card with his patient number yet. Sigh.  I am told to contact the medical provider directly to ask about the card. I did so and found out that hubby did not have any coverage with them at all. WTF??

That was Monday. Now it’s Thursday and hubby is waiting for a phone call from the medical insurance and the outsourced folks. Someone seriously dropped the ball here, and neither side wants to admit it.  Meanwhile, hubby has not had any medical coverage for two and a half months!

I want to know what the Hell the outsource company did with the money?

This kind of crap makes me want to go pirate!  ARRRRR!!!

Thanks for listening, I feel better now.