Just When You Think The Worst is Over..


Trent and Jed do something ridiculous.  AGAIN!  Last week they waived Jerrod Haynes and sent him to the practice squad. Hey! Wait a minute. Isn’t Jerrod God’s gift from Australia? The dude made yards and yards for the 49ers. What the Hell happened? I must have missed something important. I HATE when I do that.

Then, this week they traded Vernon Davis to the Denver Bronco’s. And for what?  Two late round draft picks.  Vernon Davis!?!  Egads!*  What – we have so many receivers that we can trade our best one to the Bronco’s?

I hold my breath now when I read the sports page. Today’s announcement about Kaepernick being 2nd QB on Sunday did not surprise me. In fact, I am all for throwing Gabbert out into the fray and seeing how he deals with it. I don’t have anything against Blaine Gabbert. But if he fails miserably in and out of the pocket, maybe 49er management will start getting a clue.

It could happen.

 * EGADS -A word my grandmother would use when she became so angered and befuddled by something she could not believe really happened. The tone and emphasis in which she spewed out this word frightened us kids. Our grandma did not need cuss words.

♥  TTFN  ♥