After The Wedding

A real treat today…

DJMatticus has graced ‘Not Pretending’ with a guest post! On Sunday I re-blogged his post about his wedding. Now is the follow-up you’ve been waiting for…

The snow capped peaks rolled into the pristine sky. The air was so clear you felt like you could see to the ocean if those same peaks weren’t resting on the horizon. The icy chill of the morning snapped out at the exposed flesh of our cheeks, noses, lips, and we didn’t care. Though, we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit.

The queen and I were married in April, in Mammoth. The end of the season, the start of spring, and yet, when we stepped out onto the snow at the top of the mountain (11,000 feet) for our champagne toast there were still eighteen feet of packed powder below our polished shoes, suit, and wedding dress. The day was cool, and the queen put on the little jacket she had made to accompany her gown, but as long as we were walking around we never felt cold. The vast mountains of the California Sierra thrust out of the ground around us. Banner, Ritter, and The Minarets watched on us we danced across the snow, jubilant, giddy. It was a perfect day.

After the wedding we had to drive home to unpack, do some laundry, repack and then catch our plane off to our honeymoon. There was quite the disconnect as we drove away from the mountains, away from the cool clean air, through the deserts. We skirted past Death Valley. We drove straight through the Mojave. We melted. It was miserable. It was silly and we laughed at ourselves. We married on the snow, to drive through the desert, to honeymoon on the snow.

We landed in Vancouver, got on a bus, and headed up to Whistler. There we spent four days enjoying the majesty of the Canadian Rockies. We enjoyed the icy chill in the air. We reveled in the scope of the rolling mountains. We cut some trails and tested our limits and endurance. We were never apart. We never wanted to be. Sadly, reluctantly, we packed up once again and headed for home. We wished we could take the coolness with us. We wished we could somehow stay forever, lost in our perfect conditions and stolen time away from responsibilities, the real world, life. We daydreamed about the life we could carve out if we didn’t return home.

Going on five years later, I have to say that while we haven’t yet returned to Whistler, some of the magic we felt while we were there has stayed with us. The coolness has tempered our emotions. The beauty has never left our eyes. The adventure urges us on. We added a little prince to our family this year. We’ve already taken him to Mammoth and let him experience the wonder that is the Top Of The Sierra. Soon enough he too will be joining us as we strap ourselves to pieces of plastic and throw ourselves off the side of mountains. Soon enough he too will know that living life with adventure in your heart is the only way to live.

10 Things You Don’t Find Out Until You’re Married

(i.e., when it’s too late)

Your in-laws really believe they have gained another kid to boss around.

Your spouse does not know how to… replace toilet paper rolls, tell if the garbage can is full, do laundry, go grocery shopping.

A roll of toilet paper attached to the wall of...
You now understand the term “selective hearing”.

Don’t leave your razor in the shower – he will use it. (You can tell because he leaves his hair in it).

You hear him blow his nose – in the shower.

Never, ever attempt to launder her girl clothes. Not. Ever.

Do NOT blow off her birthday, Valentines day, Christmas, or your anniversary. She will buy her own present.

He thinks your input is nagging.

She thinks your input is criticism.

4/3.2011 - a lovely mess

No one is as tidy as they pretended to be

Sewing Room Messy

There are happy surprises, so don’t be discouraged. You will learn a lot about each other – all the time. I am still finding things out about hubby I didn’t know, after 25 years.


First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes…

We just returned home from a weekend spent hanging with my best friend from grammar-school whose son got married at a quaint little Inn in Novato, CA. We got to catch up with my girlfriend’s family and friends, get away from our routine and ‘party’.

The timing was perfect. A big wedding week-end to get us in that wedding  frame of mind (OK, probably just me, and not hubby), before we head off Friday night to Mexico. We will be celebrating 25-years of married bliss at a couples-only resort in Cancun.

I’m excited about this trip. And nervous. I never stayed in Mexico before, but I’ve heard wonderful things about the resorts there. It’s just that hubby and I often have ‘adventures’ when we travel. You know, the kind that are annoying at first, then you are laughing about them later? Sometimes much later? That sort of thing happens to us all the time. It’s spooky.

The point of post (finally!) is that this week on Not Pretending (to be sane), in honor of my 25th wedding anniversary next week I will be posting about love, dating, weddings, marriage, romance and all that mushy stuff.  UnknownCouple

Since I already know my stories, I would love for you, dearest readers, to send me one of your humorous stories or anecdotes, about your experience with love and romance, etc. The ones I like the most I will publish as “guest posts” while I am away.

Sound like fun?  I will even make it super easy for you to send me one…

Thanks to all of you,




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