Warm Up Your Brain – It’s Almost November

What happened to this year?    Participant-2014-Square-Button

I must have missed a bunch.  November is looming up on the calendar, again, and you know what that means…  NaNoWriMo!

November is National Novel Writing Month. I am determined to finish my draft of “Through the Door”, last year’s novel, but so many things have distracted me this year.

Since I already have over 50,000 words written, (57,980 to be exact), I cannot enter it as my 2014 novel. I can, however subtract the 57,980 words from the total words this November as I bumble along trying to finish by Dec. 1st. I will have tons of editing to do, as well as more research, but to complete the story will be HUGE. My first complete novel after all these years!!

Sometimes, I lose focus, because I want to end this particular story and move on to my next idea.  I tell myself that’s what it is, but I think I’m lying. The truth is so embarrassing to me, as “the writer” in the family!

I have no clue how the story will end.

It did have an end, but I trashed it. Why? Because it was WAY too corny. I admit that I like old-fashioned corny, but this was roll your eyes while gagging corny. Even I could not stand it. Yes, it was that bad.

So, for now, I’m introducing new major and minor characters, trying to expand my heroine’s options.  I tried to re-outline things, but that was a bad idea.

Strong characters have their own way of determining a story’s outcome. Which is good, because mine are going to have to finish this story on their own.

Good luck and Happy writing to all my fellow NaNoWriMo writers!

♥  Jodi


It’s a Short Trip…

Whenever I say “That’s driving me crazy!”, hubby replies with “That’s a short trip.”

He is correct, along with being a smart ass.

Because I have nothing else to do (blatant lie) I signed up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – even when you retire you have to deal with acronyms. I want to give my lazy muse a good workout, get in the habit of working on fiction everyday.

No, this blog is not fiction. OK… The “This Could Be News” posts are as fictional as they get though.

When I signed up for the event, they gave me a free  website  for getting sponsors and displaying my progress. Come by if you feel like it. If you have an extra buck, think about supporting us striving writers. Or is that starving writers?

No purchase required to win.