Warm Up Your Brain – It’s Almost November

What happened to this year?    Participant-2014-Square-Button

I must have missed a bunch.  November is looming up on the calendar, again, and you know what that means…  NaNoWriMo!

November is National Novel Writing Month. I am determined to finish my draft of “Through the Door”, last year’s novel, but so many things have distracted me this year.

Since I already have over 50,000 words written, (57,980 to be exact), I cannot enter it as my 2014 novel. I can, however subtract the 57,980 words from the total words this November as I bumble along trying to finish by Dec. 1st. I will have tons of editing to do, as well as more research, but to complete the story will be HUGE. My first complete novel after all these years!!

Sometimes, I lose focus, because I want to end this particular story and move on to my next idea.  I tell myself that’s what it is, but I think I’m lying. The truth is so embarrassing to me, as “the writer” in the family!

I have no clue how the story will end.

It did have an end, but I trashed it. Why? Because it was WAY too corny. I admit that I like old-fashioned corny, but this was roll your eyes while gagging corny. Even I could not stand it. Yes, it was that bad.

So, for now, I’m introducing new major and minor characters, trying to expand my heroine’s options.  I tried to re-outline things, but that was a bad idea.

Strong characters have their own way of determining a story’s outcome. Which is good, because mine are going to have to finish this story on their own.

Good luck and Happy writing to all my fellow NaNoWriMo writers!

♥  Jodi