And the Winner is…

.Best Oscar MomentsThe Oscars are this Sunday. They used to be in late March every year, but now they move around. One thing that never changes – they are always on a school night. For many years I would record them so my daughter and I could watch them together at a more convenient time. The element of surprise was ruined by newspapers and radio of course, but the winners were only a small part of the fun anyway.

It takes 3 VHS tapes to capture all the magic. The Oscar Pre-Shows and Red Carpet walks are a big part of our Oscar watching tradition. We became the self-appointed fashion police (as we curled up on the couch in our pajamas, munching popcorn). No designer gown or hair-do would pass without our critique.

Many hours Ooh-ing, Ahh-ing and giggling like loonies (thank you, Bjork!) were had. I began to treasure our annual tradition as my daughter grew up. Even in the most gloomy throes of our mother-daughter relationship, the Oscars transcended it all and became a “quality time” shared between us.

This year will be tough. I am down here (Southern CA) and she is up there (Northern CA), so the Oscars will have to be aired in late March, compliments of my DVR. I’m OK with that. I already know who the winner is. Me!!