No Excuses or Apologies


I know that Zombies are all the rage now, and it is not Halloween, but I could easily pass for one. My skin is pasty white, accenting the lovely sunken, black circles under my bleary eyes.  No cosmetic miracle will even lighten them slightly. At this point, I don’t think I care.

When I am feeling “poorly”, vanity is the first thing to go. The next thing is my cheerful and silly personality. I morph into The Ranter.

After four weeks of snail paced healing I started to get worse again. Dammit! I do not feel well, so I do not want to drive mountain roads for 12 miles, in freezing rainy weather to the doctor’s office, then drive another 15 miles to the only chain pharmacy my insurance will approve. – major pout here –

What I want to do is stay in my pajamas and curl up with my warm puppy and watch episodes of The Sopranos. I have been having my own little Sopranos marathon. I just started season 6 – the final season.  I did not recall the show being so gross, or the characters all selfish, sadistic, back-stabbing people.

Why do I feel this way now?  Probably because I am clean and sober, as I watch The Sopranos this time, and that has completely ruined it. Sigh.

So, in my sourpuss mood I must Rant. No, the above is not ranting, it’s complaining (really, it’s whining). After all, there are way worse things going on than my crappy little virus…

  • The Oscars are being ruined over some political and racial issue (is nothing sacred?). No black persons were nominees for the last 2 years. I had no idea! Who is racist enough to keep track of that crap, anyway?  I LOVE Chris Rock and I’m so happy he is not going to back out on being this year’s host.  My respect for Whoopie Goldberg has doubled for what she is saying about the boycott, and as for Mr. and Mrs. Smith – most actors did not get a nomination this year, so stop whining and go choose a fabulous script and try again. Next year is sooner than you think.

And while I am speaking of non-racial issues…

  • California is forcing school districts to spend millions of dollars to remove ‘discriminatory’ school mascots from the system. You know, like the Indians  I mean the Native American mascots like Chiefs, Braves, Warriors, Redskins. Oh Pleeeease. Are you telling me that other ethnic groups don’t have warriors?  You wait. Next, the PC Police will be deciding to outlaw mascots that are “sexually suggestive”: Beavers, Foxes, Goats and Rams for example.  I am in agreement with weeding out “The Beavers”, truth be told. Then there are schools that have mascots of the “you’ve got to be kidding me” class. How about “The Hobos” or “The Cotton Pickers” (What!?!).  Don’t forget “The Maniacs”, “The Orphans” or “The Arabs” (who recently changed their mascot to “The Mighty Arabs” – where are the PC police in that town!?)  Arrrrrrg.


Now that my puppy thinks I’m growling at her, and I’m sounding like an old pirate (a zombie one, of course), I will be signing off now. It’s almost 1:30pm – is that too early for pajamas?

♥  TTFN  ♥