Paper vs. Electronics

Isn’t technology great?  People love having a whole library of books available to them, that they can read at whatever font size they want to and still have text clarity. The newer e-book readers (Nook, Kindle,…) will allow wireless access to the Internet, so you can play Words With Friends and stuff.  I would love to have one.


I’m sticking with paperbacks because:

  • I do not need another thing to carry in my purse (or put in a plastic bin at the airport).
  • Batteries never run low in paperbacks. No matter how long it takes you to read them.
  • Paperbacks aren’t ruined when you drop them or run over them with your car.
  • Paperbacks can dry out and be readable after getting dunked in water.
  • You do not have to have internet access to buy a paperback.
  • You can buy a paperback at your local grocery store for $2.99,  instead of paying  $199.99 for an iSomething.
  • It’s legal to pass around a paperback with your friends.

Note: This does not mean that I would refuse a Kindle Fire, should I get one for my birthday  🙂