Paper vs. Electronics

Isn’t technology great?  People love having a whole library of books available to them, that they can read at whatever font size they want to and still have text clarity. The newer e-book readers (Nook, Kindle,…) will allow wireless access to the Internet, so you can play Words With Friends and stuff.  I would love to have one.


I’m sticking with paperbacks because:

  • I do not need another thing to carry in my purse (or put in a plastic bin at the airport).
  • Batteries never run low in paperbacks. No matter how long it takes you to read them.
  • Paperbacks aren’t ruined when you drop them or run over them with your car.
  • Paperbacks can dry out and be readable after getting dunked in water.
  • You do not have to have internet access to buy a paperback.
  • You can buy a paperback at your local grocery store for $2.99,  instead of paying  $199.99 for an iSomething.
  • It’s legal to pass around a paperback with your friends.

Note: This does not mean that I would refuse a Kindle Fire, should I get one for my birthday  🙂

3 thoughts on “Paper vs. Electronics

  1. Does Bruce read your postings for ideas, or just to know what you are thinking? I’m with you about the paperbacks, especially in the pool! I do love my tablet though! Hope you get your birthday present! xoxo


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