Post-Dramatic Holiday Blues

Blurry Christmas
Christmas went by like a blur

Or if you prefer, PDHB. After all, every noteworthy syndrome, disorder, and disease has an acronym.  PDHB happens to me every year and I have to suck it up and take it like a woman. Suck being the operative word.

I find out when I’m downloading the 6 GB of pictures and video that I took of the festivities, most of them are blurry. Great. Although I recognize my daughter and granddaughter when blurred, I am bummed. I console myself with the knowledge that I am the only one taking pictures, and this family would have no visual history if not for my efforts. Such as they are.

By the time I truly felt in the Christmas spirit, it was over. Just like that. Now it’s time to prepare for the new year. To me that means transferring all the family & friends birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  from my 2011 GIANT CALENDAR to the 2012.

Giant Calendar
I wasn't kidding!

For 2012 I have made goals, but not resolutions. One of them is to continue developing this blog. I’m toying with the idea of making it more professional looking (at least less pink).

Stay Tuned…….


Why My Guardian Angel Deserves A Raise

Deja vu: Originally published Jan 29, 2011

Dear God,

Thank you for my Guardian Angel. Please give him a BIG FAT Raise.  He works very hard to protect me from Evil, as well as myself.

When I was much younger, I pictured my Guardian Angel petite and feminine, like Tinkerbell with a halo. Maybe when I was younger that was the kind of Angel I needed.  As I grew up  my Guardian Angel needed to be more formidable.

As in Ving Rhames formidable.

Ving RhamesWhen I was seventeen, my cousin and I borrowed my Uncle’s 1974 Ford Pinto to run some errands. We were waiting to turn left at a busy intersection when a large truck smacked into the back of us and we were shoved 30 feet past the intersection. The back-end of the car wrapped itself over the front doors. The gas tank ruptured, spewing gasoline – a Ford Pinto defect in the mid 70’s you may have heard about.

So why does my Guardian Angel deserve a raise? First of all, my cousin did not have the wheels “pre-turned” to the left. So when the truck pushed us at 50 miles per hour, we went straight down the road, instead of turning  into oncoming traffic. Secondly, we had already dropped off my cousin’s baby niece at Grandmas house, so she was not in the car. There were no car seats back then – only laps. Last but not least, there had not been even one spark created by all that crushing metal to set all that gasoline on fire.  My cousin and I had whiplash. There was crying and shock, but no blood. There was another blessing later on as well. The insurance settlement paid for our 1st semester of college.

College must have been exhausting  for my Guardian Angel. He had to run interference from my stupid decisions. Decisions like letting drunk boys drive me back to the dorm from parties. And trying out the toga party “punch”.  I was  very, VERY naive. I was preyed upon by losers, users and evil-doers. If someone told me something, I believed it. Why would they lie? Why indeed…

I was also a  Jerk Magnet and my Angel had to be the defender of my chastity more than once. I used to wonder why I went out on a lot of first dates and had no boyfriends. Nobody messes with a formidable Guardian like Ving. Not twice.

Now that I am a happily married grandmother, my Ving-like Guardian Angel needs more action. No problem! I have 2 little granddaughters that need some serious protection. Phoenix, who is 6-years old, will be another reason he deserves a raise.

Photo of Ving Rhames, courtesy of

If You’ve Got A Grandma, You don’t need Santa!

Christmas Lights

This Christmas will be WAY happier for me than last years Gray Christmas.

How do I know? Because I will be with my girls this year. When I say “my girls” I’m talking about my daughter and her two daughters, in case somehow you missed their mention in previous posts. (welcome newcomer 😉 )

I have spent hours wrapping gifts and I’m only 1/2 done with all the things I got for my girls. Hubby may pass out when the Visa bill comes, but I’ll worry about that next year. If he complains I will have to remind him (again) that it’s his toys that cost the most around here. But that’s a whole different story…

Those who know hubby and I have 2 boys might be thinking, “Hey! What about the boys?”. Don’t worry. They are not forgotten. We usually celebrate with them after the actual holiday so we can have them to ourselves (long story). We like to stay up late and play cards, which is an option because the guys have not seen fit to provide any grandchildren for me to spoil. Just sayin’.

Because of the visions of sugar plums and all that dancing through my head this week I doubt there will be room for any inspirational writing to post, so I will pass along my sincere wishes for everyone now. Since I’m in the neighborhood anyway.

Here’s wishing snow, family, toys, and whatever brings you  Christmas happiness!!

Christmas Lights