What Are YOU Proud Of?

Not many of us are Olympic medalists or Nobel Peace Prize winners. This does not mean we cannot be proud of our accomplishments. I’m not talking about the pride before a fall kind of proud. It is certainly not the “I’m better than you!” sort of pride we see all too often these days. It is not a showing off, competing for attention, or vain pride.

No matter how silly or insignificant they may seem compared to those celebrated by the media, each of us accomplishes things we are proud of. We may not even be aware when we do them, but a memory of something brings it up in your mind and puts a smile on your face.

If you took a minute or two and thought about the little victories and accomplishments you feel good about, I bet you could write a list of them.

  • My List:
    • See the Poster on the Right ->
    • I am growing avocado trees from seeds
    • I was inches close to kicking a field goal at Candlestick Park
    • I was “Vanna Bee” when my hubby taught a grade school class about Bees.

None of the above would get me any kudos or recognition. This is fine with me. I did them because I chose to, and in that sense, that also makes me proud of myself.

There are no photos of me kicking or being Vanna because I was busy at the time…
Apparently, no one else in my family can take photos.


And How Was YOUR Day?

  Some days you’re on the  road crew. Some days you’re just on the road.

I suppose this did not humiliate the opossum who was well-flattened before the painters showed up.  It should have humiliated the bozo manning the sprayer. I wonder if he (it had to be a he,  right?) was nursing a killer hang-over, or a major blow to the head.

When I saw this photo, after I stopped laughing, I felt sad. The “it’s not my job” attitude reminded me of the “what’s in it for me?” and “who gives a shit?” attitudes.

What happened to people “giving a shit” and doing something because it needed to be done?  Are we so stressed these days that we only focus on our own to-do lists and ignore the world around us?  Too much pressure cancels our pride?

I’m no sociologist, but I do know one thing.  You would never see this in Mayberry.