And How Was YOUR Day?

  Some days you’re on the  road crew. Some days you’re just on the road.

I suppose this did not humiliate the opossum who was well-flattened before the painters showed up.  It should have humiliated the bozo manning the sprayer. I wonder if he (it had to be a he,  right?) was nursing a killer hang-over, or a major blow to the head.

When I saw this photo, after I stopped laughing, I felt sad. The “it’s not my job” attitude reminded me of the “what’s in it for me?” and “who gives a shit?” attitudes.

What happened to people “giving a shit” and doing something because it needed to be done?  Are we so stressed these days that we only focus on our own to-do lists and ignore the world around us?  Too much pressure cancels our pride?

I’m no sociologist, but I do know one thing.  You would never see this in Mayberry.