Adventures in Norway

We did two tours in Bergen, Norway.  An “overview” of the town by bus for 2 hours. It was pouring rain and windy, so very few took advantage of the photo op stops. I would have, but she stopped in random places where there was not anything interesting to photograph.  In my humble opinion.

I usually got out at photo stops to stretch my legs and breath fresh air. But I just wanted to stay seated so I did not have to get out and back on the bus. My legs were recovered from Paris, BTW.  The buses were a whole new form of torture,  that I will gripe about later…

The afternoon adventure we took a bus over to Grieg’s House & Recital. Edvard Grieg, Norway’s famous composer.  He wrote music, inspired by Norwegian folk music, and sought to raise it’s profile in his composing and performing.

Grieg’s house was unique because his roof(s) were covered with sod and blended into the landscape.  I sure would have hated to mow them!

Hubby in front of a sodded rooftop
Side View of Recital Hall




We were delighted to be invited to a piano recital by a student of the composer’s music. Martha Berit Belt played for us a sampling of Grieg’s compositions. I sat in the upper back row so I could watch her hands and listen. Hubby and the others took seats down closer to the front, but the stairs looked steeper than my balance could handle.

More photos and back to the bus! Now we headed down the road to a medieval stave church. Built out of wood in 1150, then moved to a new site in 1883 to preserve and protect it from local demolition.

Very Medieval looking, heh?

It had a spooky aura about it, which may have been the gravesite in front of the building…


The bus ride back to the ship was happy. No more buses the rest of the trip! Or so I thought…

♥  TTFN  ♥

It Was My Turn, But I Didn’t Make It

windshield   First off, my day was going wonderful. That abruptly changed while driving home from the grocery store. I missed the turn onto my street – probably because it was pitch black outside (remember there are no street lights in my neighborhood), the storm was raining down hard on my windshield and I have night blindness, so I could not see much other than raindrops in the car lights. I did not realize that my windshield had fogged up so badly until I opened my window (to shine my little girly LED flashlight on a street sign so I could read it, which did not help at all). I had driven the last couple streets blind. Not a good thing – especially when one side of the road is a dirt wall and the other a cliff.

Still, you may be thinking, “she’s lived there for over 4 years now! How could she miss her own street?”

“That isn’t important. That isn’t even the worse part.”

I needed to stop somewhere safe and get out my GPS. I saw a cement driveway in front of a white garage – perfect! I will pull in there and figure this all out.

Because of the dark and unfamiliar road I had to ease forward, ease backward (a bunch of times) to turn around in order to turn into the driveway. That is the turn I did not make. Then I proceeded to make things worse, by trying to back my car away from the residents lawn, while turning my steering wheel all the way and cautiously gave it gas. My car did not budge. When smoke came from my breaks, it was time to brave the storm and go out (girly flashlight in hand) and see what was going on.

Somehow, my little car’s front end was sunk to the frame in mud. A few naughty words came out of my mouth when I knew that I would not be able to handle this without hubby and his big-assed truck. Gratefully I thanked my guardian angel for making sure I did not forget my cell phone – AND that I caught enough signal to put a call through to my house.

I was able to tell hubby where I was with the map on my GPS. IT knew all the street names I could not read. Too bad I did not remember I had it right away – I would be home drying out by our wood burning stove and not soaking wet and feeling stupid. More like “stoopid”, really. Hubby must have bit his tongue, refraining from calling me that.

I only shut off the engine because I was low on gas. I left the flashers and headlights on so I would not get broadsided by a car going by. Did I mention my car was sideways across one lane on the road?  Anyway, my car remains sideways in the road. When the car was not running, my transmission would not allow me to change gears. It was not running because the battery died.

“You should have turned off your headlights,” hubby said. More than once.

“I should have waited for the morning to go to the store.” I said. Now I have to try and get my car fixed, instead of doing the baking I planned to do in the morning. Baking was the reason I needed to go to the store in the first place.

It’s got conspiracy written all over it.

♥  TTFN  ♥

License: (license)

Day 3: Juneau

Monday, June 30th: Juneau  WelcomeToJuneau-JustSign
The adventurers woke up feeling fine and hungry. We met the gang at breakfast and at last I was able to eat a full meal  ;-).

The ship got into port a little earlier than expected, so we shopped in the stores along the main street.  I noticed they have a lot of diamond jewelry stores in Juneau. I, luckily, did not have time to shop. Outside there is dense fog, that gray pea-soup thick fog that makes you want to stay in and read by the fireplace. Sprinkles of rain added to the dreariness of the day. NOT the kind of weather for hiking up mountains, which is exactly what we were going to do today.   JuneauFromTram

Unfortunately, the activity I really wanted was voted down. I wanted to do the dog mushing one. You got to meet the female gold medal winner of the Olympic Iditarod competition and learn how to drive a dog sled. You also got to meet the dog teams and play with the puppies. Who would vote down that? My hubbies family, that’s who. I’ll be a sport and go along, even though riding a tram up a steep mountain is not a person afraid of heights’ idea of fun.

[Remind me to tell you about a hot-air balloon adventure sometime in the future…]

Hiking Mount Roberts
Robert Hiking Mount Roberts

Well, the tram ride turned out to be very mild and nothing scary at all. The hike, however, was not the ‘leisurely walk in the mountains’ they advertised. I knew I was in trouble when our guide, Betsy, handed out walking sticks.  By the time we had hiked up the side of Mount Roberts, my stick was my new best friend.  Too bad I’m not coordinated enough to snap pictures while hiking with a stick…

Betsy was a fun and knowledgeable guide. She taught us about the plant life we saw along the way, encouraged us, took us to a place to have all natural ingredient teas and little cookies. We also got a peek at the parks ‘bear cam’ and watched adult grizzlies catching salmon. I love watching grizzlies – on TV.

I did not flake out, and I made it up and back without any side-adventures. Still, I was happy to hike back down the mountain and get back into the tram.

Airiel View From Tram
Aerial View of Juneau

I took a photo of Juneau from way up high in the tram, before it began its decent. I wanted to prove to my children that Grandmas are tough.  It happened to be a magnificent view as well.

We blended in well with the other weary and soggy adventurers returning to the ship.