Adventures in Norway

We did two tours in Bergen, Norway.  An “overview” of the town by bus for 2 hours. It was pouring rain and windy, so very few took advantage of the photo op stops. I would have, but she stopped in random places where there was not anything interesting to photograph.  In my humble opinion.

I usually got out at photo stops to stretch my legs and breath fresh air. But I just wanted to stay seated so I did not have to get out and back on the bus. My legs were recovered from Paris, BTW.  The buses were a whole new form of torture,  that I will gripe about later…

The afternoon adventure we took a bus over to Grieg’s House & Recital. Edvard Grieg, Norway’s famous composer.  He wrote music, inspired by Norwegian folk music, and sought to raise it’s profile in his composing and performing.

Grieg’s house was unique because his roof(s) were covered with sod and blended into the landscape.  I sure would have hated to mow them!

Hubby in front of a sodded rooftop
Side View of Recital Hall




We were delighted to be invited to a piano recital by a student of the composer’s music. Martha Berit Belt played for us a sampling of Grieg’s compositions. I sat in the upper back row so I could watch her hands and listen. Hubby and the others took seats down closer to the front, but the stairs looked steeper than my balance could handle.

More photos and back to the bus! Now we headed down the road to a medieval stave church. Built out of wood in 1150, then moved to a new site in 1883 to preserve and protect it from local demolition.

Very Medieval looking, heh?

It had a spooky aura about it, which may have been the gravesite in front of the building…


The bus ride back to the ship was happy. No more buses the rest of the trip! Or so I thought…

♥  TTFN  ♥