Watch For Outrages Charges When On-Line Shopping !

I do most of my shopping on the internet.
AmazonShopping Our closest shopping centers and retail stores are an hour’s drive away. And, I hate going shopping.

I found a gift on the internet for my daughter’s family. The price was very reasonable, so I filled out the account information, billing and shipping addresses, and some other stuff.
With tax, the item cost $32.95. However, the total to be charged to my Visa was $60.35.

WHAT?!?  ShippingSurprise

$27.40?? For shipping one item!?  Were they planning to send it via Air Force One?

Anyway, I refused to pay that ridiculous amount. I found a website that I could order two of them and get Free Shipping, for less money than the original one.  This made me feel like a shopping diva, even though you and I know better.


Be careful out there! Shop around for sites that offer free shipping with items totaling a dollar amount, or offering it to new customers. Review the Order Summaries, checking the taxes, shipping, handling fees before hitting that “Submit” button.

I found this site helpful –
Find Store ratings & reviews

Why am I telling y’all this?

Because, there are only 65 shopping days before Christmas.


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Jewelry Salmon Capital Of The World

Day 6: Thursday, July 3rd, Ketchikan

The Ketchikan Coastline
The Ketchikan Coastline

We were cheated on this port of call – we docked at 7:30am and all aboard was at 11:30am. I thought it was a typo, but they really meant four hours, then we set sail for Victoria, British Columbia. Truth be told, I was relieved. My legs and feet were talking about mutiny at this point.

The Gang did not have any excursions booked, so we wandered among the souvenir shops, in Grandma & Grandpa mode, looking for gifts for our grand-kids.   IMG_1471

And just like anytime I go shopping, I cannot find what I want to buy, so I have to debate with myself a while, then make a compromise. I hate shopping. I may have mentioned this before.

As much as I adore my granddaughters, I just wanted to stay on board ship with my feet up. It was raining, and the lumberjack show was sold out. It must have been passengers from one of those DAM ships beat us to it. To clarify, Holland America Cruise lines always had one of three ships  at the same port we were at. The ships, named “Amsterdam“, “Westerdam” “Zuiderdam” were twice the size of our Golden Princess. We called them the DAM Ships to crack ourselves up. Holland America is a DAM fine cruise line, BTW. Our trip, years ago, on the Statendam was fabulous.

The town shops are unique and attractive.  There were streets (not just the main drag) packed with them, the majority being – wait for it – jewelry stores.  If it wasn’t a jewelry store, you could buy salmon there. Fish and jewelry don’t mix I guess.  I picked out some warm long-sleeved T-shirts for my granddaughters, as well as a couple of ‘fun’ things, and that’s all I wanted to shop. My feet, legs and back were still hurting from hiking all over Alaska’s shops in Juneau and Skagway.  [It wasn’t until I got back home that I discovered the girls shirts did not even say “Alaska” on them. DAM!]

Main Street
Main Street Ketchikan

I managed to sweet talk hubby into abandoning shore to find a comfy, quiet place to read (him) and write (me). We found the library and internet cafe on deck 5.  No one else was there! A first since we set sail in Seattle. We enjoyed a peaceful hour just sitting together, not doing anything. Hubby, at one point, fell asleep. I continued re-writing chapter nine and let him sleep. Why not?  There were no witnesses to embarrass him.

We met the ‘gang’ in our dining room at high-noon for lunch. It amazed us how hungry we would be four or five hours after a huge breakfast. I blame all the shopping.

Our waiters, Enrique and Ashok, attended to our every need & desire (food and beverage desires that is).  All I know is that we are thoroughly spoiled and 10 pounds heavier. Speaking for myself only here. I secretly hoped my sis-in-law who is a size 0 (yep, a size zero), has to buy a size 1 now. Am I bad? I love the woman very much, but come on!  A size zeroLastFormalNight

Our second (and last) formal night was fabulous!  It was lobster and Baked Alaska night. Hubby ordered Beef Wellington – go figure.  The menfolk were reminded about their promise to dance with us on the next formal night, and lead to a lounge with good music (lots of slow songs), and we danced together for almost an hour.  Sweet! LoveBirdsDancing

Although they claimed to have ‘forgotten’ all about their promise, they were good sports. They even seemed to enjoy themselves.

Mmmm… Don’t you just love a man in a Tux?  😉


FYI:  All Photographs published in this blog-series were taken by the author (me), except for the couple that I stole from ‘Sis Zero’s’ Facebook.  🙂



The Big Move: Mission Accomplished!

That #$%&@! box was hiding in the living room, under records & DVD’s. That’s correct, I still have a 3-foot stack of those large vinyl disc’s. The original Album’s. And the technology to play them – if you’re wondering.

I have to admire the efficiency of our movers. Whoever “packed” that #$%&@!  box of everything, did so in record time. No packing materials used. Just turn the desk drawer upside down over a large box, then tape the box closed. Done. They knew they could get away with this because when you opened that drawer you got the impression someone dumped a large box of miscellaneous crap into it.

It took 23 years to get that drawer full of crap. I think it will only take me a couple of days to disperse items to where they should go. Most of them are electrical & mechanical waste products, that men seem obligated to toss in a drawer – just in case. In case of what? Even if “what” happens, he will forget he has that junk and will buy more at the hardware store.

I should “forget” that I have a formal gown or a gorgeous tennis bracelet and run to the nearest mall and find one. It would be over an hours drive though, and I do not have the time to be a smart-ass now. So, I will file that idea in my brain for future thinking, and move on to unpacking that #$%&@! box.

Along with the “man junk” I find boxes of check receipts. Checks written in 2003. Why are we keeping them? Answer: Because no one has thrown them out. It’s the same reason we have a receipt from a drug store that went out of business before our kids were in school.

OK. Obviously I need to take on a new mission (impossible?). Slowly, as I unpack things, old useless crap will retire to the trash. Hubby doesn’t even have to worry his handsome head about it. The excellent wife that I am, will not bother him about those annoying little details.

Junk drawer contents
1/3 of what was in that #$%&@! Box!