Watch For Outrages Charges When On-Line Shopping !

I do most of my shopping on the internet.
AmazonShopping Our closest shopping centers and retail stores are an hour’s drive away. And, I hate going shopping.

I found a gift on the internet for my daughter’s family. The price was very reasonable, so I filled out the account information, billing and shipping addresses, and some other stuff.
With tax, the item cost $32.95. However, the total to be charged to my Visa was $60.35.

WHAT?!?  ShippingSurprise

$27.40?? For shipping one item!?  Were they planning to send it via Air Force One?

Anyway, I refused to pay that ridiculous amount. I found a website that I could order two of them and get Free Shipping, for less money than the original one.  This made me feel like a shopping diva, even though you and I know better.


Be careful out there! Shop around for sites that offer free shipping with items totaling a dollar amount, or offering it to new customers. Review the Order Summaries, checking the taxes, shipping, handling fees before hitting that “Submit” button.

I found this site helpful –
Find Store ratings & reviews

Why am I telling y’all this?

Because, there are only 65 shopping days before Christmas.


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