Catching On

We sprang forward last nite (2 am today to be exact), giving back that hour we gained when we fell back in November. It is so easy to change the clocks around the house. My internal clock takes longer. For at least two weeks I translate the time in my head, you know, it’s 7:30, but it really is only 6:30 my brain says.

My brain also has trouble with the fact that tomorrow is the first day of spring. 6 feet of snow is not even trying to melt in my yard because the average temp is 36 degrees. I’m too bundled up in sweaters, and leggings under my jeans to even consider spring cleaning. Well, the house is filthy, so I consider it, but will not begin until I can do it in one layer of clothing.

A friend sent me this photo. She and I both know that this image captures a large part of me. Maybe this is my “inner child”. Yes. I arrange things “just so”, trying to be perfect, and always forgetting one thing. Or more.

Someone needs to tell the weather it is time to warm up.

If you have an image that captures your inner child, please share by replying to this post.

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What Are YOU Proud Of?

Not many of us are Olympic medalists or Nobel Peace Prize winners. This does not mean we cannot be proud of our accomplishments. I’m not talking about the pride before a fall kind of proud. It is certainly not the “I’m better than you!” sort of pride we see all too often these days. It is not a showing off, competing for attention, or vain pride.

No matter how silly or insignificant they may seem compared to those celebrated by the media, each of us accomplishes things we are proud of. We may not even be aware when we do them, but a memory of something brings it up in your mind and puts a smile on your face.

If you took a minute or two and thought about the little victories and accomplishments you feel good about, I bet you could write a list of them.

  • My List:
    • See the Poster on the Right ->
    • I am growing avocado trees from seeds
    • I was inches close to kicking a field goal at Candlestick Park
    • I was “Vanna Bee” when my hubby taught a grade school class about Bees.

None of the above would get me any kudos or recognition. This is fine with me. I did them because I chose to, and in that sense, that also makes me proud of myself.

There are no photos of me kicking or being Vanna because I was busy at the time…
Apparently, no one else in my family can take photos.


Thoughts About Humor

Often people confuse silliness with foolish or stupid behavior.  Let me explain the difference.  All great comedians incorporate some silliness into their routines.  Jeff Dunham has Peanut.  Jim Gaffigan shares silly thoughts with the audience about what he should have said.  Ron White, normally complaining, had his pug dog on stage wrestling with him on the floor, in his special, “A Little Unprofessional.”  That was unexpected and delightful!

If you want Foolish/Stupid behavior, watch The Three Stooges.  

My favorite type of comedy is more subtle.  It has unexpected and surprising turns that make you laugh out loud before you even realize it.  I enjoy hearing about crazy family members, spouses, and children.  Tell me about the silly things your dog does.  Memories of funny moments are often funnier as you tell them.

This photoTea Party Madness was taken on a spring afternoon.  My granddaughter wanted to go on a picnic, but it was raining on and off, and she had a cold.  She was not happy about this change in her agenda.  After 5 minutes of pouting, she begrudgingly agreed to have a tea party on our covered porch.  

With our tea, we enjoyed fruit and cookies.  However, she drank and nibbled and sat silent.  Normally she is bouncy and full of life.  You can’t get a word in edgewise, unless she is asking you questions.  She asks A LOT of questions some days, and they are rapid fired at you as soon as you answer the prior one.

Hey, look like you’re having fun at least,” I said, aiming my camera at her. She does look like she is having fun, wouldn’t you agree?

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