Giggles & Bits Thursday

Even in these politically charged, disgruntled, and confusing times – My friends and loved ones send me funny things. Since it is Thursday I am passing them along to those I’m honored to call “my readers”…





I suppose young people find this amusing




Right, Ladies?

Why women need a weapon. Hubby does not allow me the combo to his gun safe, so I use a flip-flop.

I’m pretty good at it too.






I am so glad this went viral after I was married.

Just sayin’







I know these two!!








I almost wet my pants when I saw this one!!


I got this one today, from an anonymous source. Ha!

If those did not make you smile, how about this?  Tomorrow is Friday!

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Thursday’s Giggles & Bits

It used to be tidbits & Giggles on Thursdays.  Then I accidentally typed Giggles & Bits and decided to keep it that way. It just sounds sillier, reminding me of Kibbles & Bits. Remember those commercials?

Speaking of silliness…  EggLove

I have not been feeling silly, for a while now. In fact, I should do a search for a silly blog, so I could go there and cheer up a bit. It being a Thursday and all. Allrighty then!

Google only turned up 13,400,000 results. Sigh. Now I have to make a decision. I hate that, so I clicked on the first result in the list, which took me to another list! And there I saw a domain that made me think of my dad, who was a very funny guy, so I checked it out. “shitmydadsays”  This site by “Justin” is just that – quotes from his dad’s tweets. They are funny and I could hear my dad saying most of them, but without the constant foul language and F-Bombs.  Definitely not a link to share with kids!

Because every body’s vision of silly & fun are different – here’s a list of silly places out there.  I don’t have time to review them for you because the 49ers last pre-season game is in 10 minutes!

Hey, I just realized something. I feel pretty good now. Not silly though. 49er games are serious, man.  🙂

♥  TTFN  ♥


Tid-Bits & Giggles

Hey, Y’all –

At least one of these photos should push your silly button this morning. If indeed these inspire you to send in your favorite silly photo – the more the merrier  🙂




Right, Ladies?
Right, Ladies?

Have a fabulous weekend!