Death and Taxes

Do you know that the IRS keeps demanding your money – even after you’re dead?

This sure puts a new spin on Benjamin Franklin’s quote:

“‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Who knew he meant at the same time?


I am dealing with the nightmare that is my sister’s taxes. Personal, as well as her estate’s taxes. First of all, the word estate conjures up visions of mansions and filthy-rich old people. Sis was not wealthy or old when she passed away. She was unemployed, with a modest retirement account. Can’t the IRS just let it slide? I mean, she’s DEAD.  How can they send her a refund?  Duh.

As next of kin, I am responsible for filing  her 2012 taxes. AND her “Estate’s” taxes, that need reporting on a totally different form. How the Hell can I fill out forms when I have no clue about what to put in them? I only have some of her files. I can guess about what her “estate” is worth. Do you think the IRS will be OK with that?

I do know that I am not going to be stuck with paying the IRS interest and penalties because of my sister’s taxes. I have paid enough already. The probate attorney doesn’t contact me about what is going on. I didn’t hire him, so I have no “rights” – apparently. Sister’s fiancé hired him as a favor to help me out. They live in a different state of course, BECAUSE NOTHING IN THIS FREAKING LIFE IS EVER EASY – IS IT?

I am my sister’s “Personal Representative”. I believe that this title only authorizes me to sign court documents. After 11 months, we still don’t have a probate hearing scheduled.  How much research does the attorney have to do?  My sister didn’t have anything to research.  When they tell you “probate takes years”, believe it.

When things get overwhelming and I reach Threat Level 5, I get pissed that my sister is still making my life miserable.

She always was a little brat. Sorry Sis, but we both know it’s true  😉

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Camp Grandma is Not for Wimps

If you think Camp Grandma is run by said grandma – you would be wrong.

The Drill Sergeant makes me get up at 0630 every morning, and do things.   All.  Day.   Long.

Bugs confronts the drill sergeant in basic tra...

Things like baking, starting craft projects, making Lego cruise ships and castles. Pretending she’s a dentist and I’m the patient. Watching G rated movies and the occasional spooky PG (Pre-screened by Grandma) movies. Munching on snacks.

Oh yeah, and shopping. For more snacks, of course. You just can’t have enough snacks.

Then, when it’s homework time, Drill Sergeant makes me do my homework with her. My homework is income tax returns. I don’t know how hubby can snooze through homework time with all the obnoxious whining going on. I am praying we are able to get a refund for once. I owe money.  I got a bill from the ‘dentist’ today. For $3,000.00.

After homework time I have free-time while Drill Sergeant (now known as DS because I’m tired of typing it), goes with hubby to his shop and plays quarter slots and video poker. Yesterday she lost all her winnings and tonight she won the top jackpot. I hope she isn’t headed for a gambling problem. Good thing she’s not allowed in casinos for another 12-years.

In my “free” time I do laundry, dishes, grocery shop, etc.. DS will sometimes be in a mood to help, which is great because she really is a help. She wowed the entire grocery store today with her perfect manners. She wowed me too – for someone who doesn’t practice good manners, she is awesome.

Tomorrow we declared a play day. No errands, no homework. Left-overs on the menu. There is serious quilting and crocheting to get to. Maybe a card game or two and a couple shows on TV. And if we get tired of that, we might paint our nails dark purple with sparkles on top.

I totally love Camp Grandma!    SkipRopeSmilies

Guess Again

Just when (you think) the chaos in your life is at the maximum level, the post-office puts a bomb in your mailbox.


Not the exploding kind, but the kind that raises your blood pressure and makes the headache that you thought was already bad turn into a migraine. You know you’re in trouble because the return address is: “Internal Revenue Service” and it is not even near the holidays.

Sure enough, we made a mistake. A typo that our software should have noticed when it did the math. We were too excited about getting a refund for once, to realize something was off.  The official document  insisted we send them $10,000.oo. Yes, you read that number correctly. And who says the IRS has no sense of humor?

Hey! Wait a minute. There is a typo on our 2010 form and we have to pay them what we still owed. Plus interest. We were not the ones that took 2 years to find the mistake – we sent our return in on time.  Now they want the interest that the absent money could have earned. Oh, Really? I want to know where the Hell they invest their money. I would like to earn that kind of  interest myself!

I can understand about the interest. Almost.  But a fine??   Sorry, we messed up and here’s your money + interest. Now please go away.  But NO,  you’re  punishing  us. To teach us not to mess with the IRS? We don’t. Hell, they know how much money we earn – they have the damned forms.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.   Tax Form

We shall pay their bill (what choice do we have?), but not until the other chaos in our lives has settled down and we can find where we hid the damned thing….

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