Camp Grandma is Not for Wimps

If you think Camp Grandma is run by said grandma – you would be wrong.

The Drill Sergeant makes me get up at 0630 every morning, and do things.   All.  Day.   Long.

Bugs confronts the drill sergeant in basic tra...

Things like baking, starting craft projects, making Lego cruise ships and castles. Pretending she’s a dentist and I’m the patient. Watching G rated movies and the occasional spooky PG (Pre-screened by Grandma) movies. Munching on snacks.

Oh yeah, and shopping. For more snacks, of course. You just can’t have enough snacks.

Then, when it’s homework time, Drill Sergeant makes me do my homework with her. My homework is income tax returns. I don’t know how hubby can snooze through homework time with all the obnoxious whining going on. I am praying we are able to get a refund for once. I owe money.  I got a bill from the ‘dentist’ today. For $3,000.00.

After homework time I have free-time while Drill Sergeant (now known as DS because I’m tired of typing it), goes with hubby to his shop and plays quarter slots and video poker. Yesterday she lost all her winnings and tonight she won the top jackpot. I hope she isn’t headed for a gambling problem. Good thing she’s not allowed in casinos for another 12-years.

In my “free” time I do laundry, dishes, grocery shop, etc.. DS will sometimes be in a mood to help, which is great because she really is a help. She wowed the entire grocery store today with her perfect manners. She wowed me too – for someone who doesn’t practice good manners, she is awesome.

Tomorrow we declared a play day. No errands, no homework. Left-overs on the menu. There is serious quilting and crocheting to get to. Maybe a card game or two and a couple shows on TV. And if we get tired of that, we might paint our nails dark purple with sparkles on top.

I totally love Camp Grandma!    SkipRopeSmilies

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