Count Your Blessings!

I promised after the rant I posted on May 19th that I would post a Gratitude List (i.e., count your blessings)

I started this post several times and each time I trashed it.  Who wants to read a long list of someone else’s blessings?  As for me, I would prefer to think about a blessing a day – it does not even have to be a blessing that I received.  Someone could send me a brief story about what they are grateful for, and I could post theirs for a day.

What do you think?  Your feedback is always appreciated!





What I am Thankful For

  • For the modern medicines that keep me alive
  • That I do not live in Iraq, Iran, or any of those disgruntled terrorist countries
  • That my alarm clock no longer wakes me up at 3AM Mom – Fri
  • That my job no longer interferes with all my doctor appointments
  • Hubby has agreed to me rescuing a dog
  • For internet shopping
  • For the teeth that remain in my head
  • For my Guardian Angel, who really should get a raise