The 2020 List (so far)

Well… Okay, it’s two days late. I have no resolution about tardiness. I also got zero feedback, which I understand because we all are working on our own lists!

This is The List so far. 

  • BE the sunshine
  • Make it a point to keep up with “Today’s Thought” in the sidebar
  • Clean something every day, not the usual cleaning – something extra tedious and time-consuming. You know, the things no one else will notice you did.
  • Take the time to get organized – stay that way
  • Reach out
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Meditate more
  • Slow Down my brain
  • Keep working on my listening skills

I wish all of my special readers (you know who you are!) the best year EVER in 2020!


♥  TTFN!  ♥

My Life is Pending

Sale Pending Sign  Guess what???  People are really taking my house!

We opened escrow Friday, and here it is Monday, and our agent has not called to tell us that the buyers were “just kidding”. By Thursday I hope I can stop holding my breath.

I have postcards from 3 moving companies proclaiming “free estimates” that I want to call tomorrow. And I have important lists to make.

Redundant to-do lists like:

  • Sort through >
  • Pack    >                EVERYTHING!
  • Clean   >

I don’t know whether to start changing our mailing address, or freak out.  Escrow closes in 45-days. When is that? I want to schedule movers a few days before that, and give my notice at work 4 weeks before that.  Where the Hell did I hide the calendar? I could use the calendar app on my phone – if I knew how.

Freaking out looks more likely by the minute.