The 2020 List (so far)

Well… Okay, it’s two days late. I have no resolution about tardiness. I also got zero feedback, which I understand because we all are working on our own lists!

This is The List so far. 

  • BE the sunshine
  • Make it a point to keep up with “Today’s Thought” in the sidebar
  • Clean something every day, not the usual cleaning – something extra tedious and time-consuming. You know, the things no one else will notice you did.
  • Take the time to get organized – stay that way
  • Reach out
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Meditate more
  • Slow Down my brain
  • Keep working on my listening skills

I wish all of my special readers (you know who you are!) the best year EVER in 2020!


♥  TTFN!  ♥