Not Pretending it’s me..

This photo was not taken when I was 5-years old. I have never been, or will ever be, so damned cute.

Tea Party Madness

Miss Phoenix (pictured) has a thing for tea-parties. No pretending or inviting of dolls for her. We get out the “fancy” stuff to set the table. I bake scones and sometimes we have fruits & cheeses. Sometimes we have those tiny sandwiches. Sometimes we have all of the above and then some.

This tea-party took place on my backyard porch, in November last year. It was a bit chilly, but not enough to detour serious tea party people. As always, there was much giggling and tall tales told. The more sugar ingested, the sillier things became.

When I asked her to “look like you’re having fun”, this picture is what my camera captured. The mad-hatter has nothing on Miss Phoenix Baer.  😉