Apparently I missed a good game to watch, at least the 2nd half where we began to kick some Raider butt. Alex did not toss any interceptions during that game either, Yeah baby  😉  Perhaps he’s got all of that out of his system and we can get on with it.

I will be back in the Bay Area this Sunday, so I know I will be able to see us play Carolina. I will be wearing my official 49er jersey that’s hanging in my closet. The jersey does not have my name on the back.  My (much too short) NFL career was sponsored by Nissan Good Guys, so that is what it says on my back. I may blog about that someday…

Sunday @ 10:00am I will be snuggling with my granddaughters and trying to teach them about football. My husband will be making his famous banana pancakes. My daughter will be trying to sleep in or watching with us and telling me, “MOM! It’s only a game!”

What does she know?