Dirty Looks

Dirty Look
From the Dirty Looks of Babes

Who is getting this dirty look – and Why? Only the child knows, and she isn’t talking. Yet.

We were so amused when this 10-month old baby girl started shooting this look at us. It was just so damned cute, not to mention entertaining when a passer-by on the street would get one of her looks. I so wish that I took pictures of their faces!

You mark my words – this expressive little girl will wow Hollywood someday. Her flare for the dramatic has been compared to adolescent girls with PMS.

At the tender age of 6, she is a diva. She has a charismatic charm that draws people towards her. Adults will do her bidding without even knowing they are, quite frankly, being bossed around. I found this extremely funny (unless she was doing this to me).

Remember this sweet face. You will see her again. I guarantee it!