This Day In History

November 26th, 2011 – NASA Launched the Mars Rover “Curiosity” into space.

Why is this important? Well, my job has been centered around preparing and rehearsing  for this mission. This will most likely be the last launch I will have a small part in. It surprised me how emotional I felt after it was over. It could have been because I had to report to work at 3:00am

As exciting as it is to be involved with a launch, I’m grateful that Curiosity is on its 8-month journey to Mars. Now maybe my co-workers and I can get on with our lives. I’m really tired of  Mars.

What happens in space, and when the rover lands on Mars is really awesome, so go to the NASA website and watch the “Mars Rover Trailer”

Your history lesson is over, so now I’m going to bed and catch up on my sleep.