Playoff Weekend is Here – Go Shopping!


Most women dread football season because 1) they don’t like football, and 2) their husbands/boyfriends do.

To them, I say Get over it already! Read a book, listen to your iPod, knit, prune your roses so they can go dormant over the winter months, walk the dog. Go shopping!

Football’s season is the shortest of all the popular sports. The Playoffs means there are only a couple more games left.  Playoffs weekend has games morning and evening Saturday and Sunday. Give your football fan the chance to enjoy themselves.  This means no whining or acting like a big baby while the game’s are on. Got that?

My hubby does not like shopping. So he behaves himself while I’m watching football. Sometimes he will even watch with me. I have a tendency to become violent  emotional, especially during the 49er’s games.  When I’m swearing at the referee’s, yelling at the other team, or screaming with joy, I tend to be a little loud. OK – really, REALLY  LOUD.

There is no “ladylike” in football…

   Dancing TomatoGO Niner’s!!

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