Mysterious (and Evil) Numbers

428 is an evil number. It either means 4:28 AM, which is before the butt crack of dawn, or it could be my fasting blood sugar number.  This morning it was both.

Like a good diabetic, I injected the usual and a correctional dose of insulin. Problem taken care of? Not even close. At 8:00AM my number was 446. Four hours of zero caffeine and no breakfast, and it goes UP? Where is the damned sugar coming from? Usually extra glucose is produced by the liver when your blood sugar drops too low. 428 is NOT a low number. Maybe my liver is no good at math. Maybe it too, is evil.

All I know is that I should go to the doctor when it’s this high. But since I’m not supposed to drive when it’s this high, I can’t get there without bugging hubby or a girlfriend. Sooo… My plan is to stick my finger at 9:30 and see what the mystery number is. If higher – go to hospital. If lower, sigh relief and then do my errands and chores before the big game this afternoon. While I wait for 9:30, I’m going to drink a gallon of water because I am so thirsty I can’t think!

321. Lower – enough to get out of a hospital visit, but too high to drive. I bum a ride with a girlfriend to our ladies meeting and I’m packing saltines and 7Up in my purse to combat the nausea that happens when blood glucose levels change drastically.

I sure hope my 49ers are having a better morning  😉