Whoops! I Did It Again..

I started working on a new baby blanket last week. It is for a baby conceived during the knitting of a blanket for my cousin’s baby last year.  I have made baby things, constantly, for the past seven years because every time I start making something for one baby, another baby is conceived.

Coincidence?  Well,  I have a theory about that…

I suspect I am the Fertility Goddess of Yarn. If this is so, then some gal out there among my family, co-workers and friends is getting pregnant very soon. Maybe even as I write this. I’m hoping for a girl this time – pink yarn is my favorite. Selfish of me, I know.

It’s cool to be a Goddess of Something. I’m the perfect chick for the job because I love babies and yarn.

Tiara And Pink Yarn

I also have my own tiara.  😉

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