Assistant to the Castle

House For Sale

I used to be The Woman of the House. Now I am The Houses Woman  Slave.

My new morning routine is to coffee up, tidy the kitchen, hide things, and try to get some work done on my sister’s memorial before the phone starts ringing.

Our house is quite popular. I schedule showings for agents and their clients all day long. We have had a few good nibbles, but no offers we couldn’t refuse. All we want is our listed price and a buyer with a pre-approved loan. We think that’s reasonable.

Our agent is surprised that we have so many showings during the week. We are damn lucky, because we can’t show the house this Saturday. It would just be too tacky to give tours of the house during a memorial service. Wouldn’t it?

Chaos will begin tomorrow evening when my beloved girls &  favorite son-in-law arrive. There will be musical beds, hidden toys to be found, and plenty of hugs & giggling. The reason for our gathering, and the person missing from it, will add an undertone of sadness, that, shared by many will be a lighter burden. Which is why we have these things, I suppose. And along those lines, I must bid you adieu and get back to work.