What Happened to Football?

We’re 4 games into the season and I haven’t posted a word about it. Not only is this is unprecedented, it’s downright scary. This season I am one happy camper – the team and coach Harbaugh are balanced and awesome. Could it be that I’m finally learning to relax? Nah…

My family is puzzled that there have been no posts about the temp referees I was screaming at. Or the game calls that caused coach to foam at the mouth. No, I am not exaggerating.  I’m paying attention to all of that, I’m just too exhausted to write about it. Or much of anything else.

It’s my novels fault. I want to finish the draft and I only have one month (before NaNoWriMo) to get there. In November I’m going to write a different story, and I want to put the one I am writing (sick of) to bed for awhile. This morning I am possibly avoiding the thing by chatting with you guys. I’m at a tough transition point now and things are not flowing, so I’m being pouty about it. Sorry!

Anyway, I will be posting here and there because you know I can’t resist. But not as much as I have been. You may have noticed the dwindling rate of my posts already. Be assured that I won’t forsake you, dear readers! Even though it may seem that I’m ignoring you – I am not.  In fact, it’s possible you may be able to catch an excerpt of said novel someday, if you hang in there with me.