More Things I’ve Learned About Mountain Living

My education continues, along with NaNoWriMo avoidance… (3,630 words so far – I broke my rule about reading/editing  it before December and decreased my count by 780.)  Sigh.  I have NOT given up writing – just reading 😉

There is something suspicious about winter. People ask me “will this be your first winter up here?”  When I reply “Yes”, they smile and nod, then change the subject. I have seriously begun to stock my pantry.

Dramamine is my new best friend. Everywhere we go there is a nauseatingly twisted road to get there.

Retire as soon as you possibly can!! Knitting, in your pj’s, sipping hot coffee, by a blazing wood-burning stove, is heavenly. Especially so on a business day morning  😉

Just when you think I thought winter arrived, we have 80 degree temperatures for the next 3 weeks.

A snow frosted forest is magical. See a Video Clip taken on Oct 22nd, 2012

I still have a constant sinus headache. I’m going to start vaporizing myself. During nap-time.