Tip-Toeing Through The Tulips

Remember that little song?  I have not thought about it, or Tiny Tim, in decades. Until this morning. TinyTim

I was talking to my sister’s fiancé, who called to give me the news about our probate lawyer quitting the firm. Now the case will be taken over by another lawyer when he gets “up to speed”.  Great.  This, added to the other crap going wrong this week – pissed me off.  “How unfair to retire and still be so stressed out”, I complained.

He laughed at me, saying, “I bet you thought you would be tip-toeing through the tulips about now, didn’t you?”

Well… Yeah.

I figured that retirement would be stress free. My silly subconscious mind must have bought into that fantasy, and convinced me.  That song lyric really woke me up. Now I know why every bump in the road threw me for a loop and I felt down and stressed out every day.

I learned that,  just because you no longer go to the office doesn’t mean that life’s ups and downs don’t apply to you anymore.