Well, The Food Was Good…

What the   #$%&*#@!?   happened?

It was like some one stole the 49ers playbook before the coin toss – then the niners found their spare copy at half-time. Not, however, in time. We were soooo close that it hurt. But close only counts with horseshoes and hand-grenades.


My daughter slaved for 2 days making appetizers for the family Super Bowl party, so we ate like kings while we screamed, prayed, and cursed (with the unsatisfying words you use in front of children).

We were exhausted from rooting, eating, and chasing the naked toddler (more on that some other day), that we all crashed around 9:oo pm.

Except for me, who had to write about it, and express my disappointment about the loss. I am NOT disgruntled with the guys, they did great and I’m so proud of them! We got to the Super Bowl!!– only 2 teams can get there, and WE were one of them. It was not our year to win the game, which sucks a lot, but that’s how it is sometimes.

So… – you lick your wounds, then suck it up and move on.

49er-logo   GO NINERS!!

One thought on “Well, The Food Was Good…

  1. Exactly. I don’t know what the deal was in the beginning. Even coach Harbaugh (Jim) was strangely quiet.
    I’ll miss the games, but they will be back in August 🙂


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