How Grandpa Turned Evil Into Good

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My grandpa could fix anything and loved to do wood working in his garage.  For my 9th birthday, he made me a lock box to keep diaries and special treasures in. He made it out of scrap wood from an old TV cabinet my parents discarded. I love my “treasure chest” it still keeps my diary(s) safe. I also have “trophies” from special dates in there, ticket stubs, letters, and crazy odds and ends that only mean something to me.

This cabinet fell on me when I was 6-years old.  Because I thought the TV glass had broken and I would be electrocuted, I screamed bloody murder. My mom leaped out of bed and broke her big toe running into the family room to find her dumb kid pinned face-down underneath the TV cabinet.

The glass survived and I lived. I did get in trouble for climbing on the furniture and breaking mom’s toe.  My back was bruised and sore for a week.  So, when I learned that grandpa built my special box out of that evil cabinet, I was ecstatic.

I’m very big on justice, vengeance, and good old-fashioned revenge.  I still smile when I look at it  😉


Photo Credit: bad photography by Jodi Lea

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  1. I saw that treasure box when I was at your house. Glad to know the story behind it, very special!


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