Diabetes: Under Surveillance

One of the first steps toward preparing for the pump* is the 72-hour Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). On a Monday, I went to my doctor’s office and a sensor was inserted into my abdomen that would take blood glucose readings every 5-minutes. This data would be downloaded when they removed the sensor on Thursday.

Not my stomach, BTW

So, for three days, I had a little plastic pod thing attached to me. It only hurt when the needle inserted the cannula (skinny plastic tubing) under my skin. The needle is removed and the pod is taped tightly so the cannula will not be disturbed. I could go swimming, exercise or anything I wanted to do. Within reason they said. Obviously they don’t know me very well, but I would try to behave myself.

At first, having a foreign object on me felt strange and I was super aware of it being there. Once I got home and doing things around the house, I forgot all about it. I didn’t mind it at all. It made no sounds, I felt no vibrations from it. No pain either. The little pod just hung out with me and took its little samples. Which meant no more Christmas cookie nibbling for me. 😦

It reminded me of those science fiction shows about humans with robotic RoboGma parts. You know, like the bionic woman, but it my case it was closer to Robo Grandma.

I can hear Rod Serling now…   ‘A woman is implanted with a surveillance device – a ‘bug’ if you will, to track the glucose in her bloodstream and send it to her doctor. What she does not know, is that it sends other data to the NSA.’


* Not all health providers have the same rules and requirements, so this procedure may not be required.

photo credit: achadwick

photo credit: pasukaru76 via photopin cc