Road Trip!

Hwy68Sign  I am not excited about a long grueling drive down to Laughlin, Nevada later this week.  Being in a car all day long is hard on my joints, my Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), and my temperament. However, my hubby is doing all the driving, so I can take Dramamine and knit for nine (or twelve) hours.

My current knitting project is time-consuming. Since each row takes me 25 minutes to knit, and there are 6 rows per inch, and I need 5 feet of length…

  1. How long have I been knitting so far, if the project is 35 inches long? (87.5 hours?)
  2. How much time do I have to invest to complete the project? (62.5 more hours?)

While on the road trip it’s possible for me to knit 12 more inches. Right? Please, Math people, help me out here by submitting a comment!!  Thanks!

Hubby is hoping my hands are not up to playing video poker by the time we get there.  CasinoElvisSightingHA!  What have my hands been doing for 87 hours? I’m pretty sure I’m trained and ready to handle some button pushes and handle pulls.

Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll see Elvis  😉

Nevada, here I come!


photo credit: Maxmsf via photopin cc
photo credit: raider3_anime via photopin cc

One thought on “Road Trip!

  1. Don’t know, or care about the math to finish your project. But, how about some extra Dramamine to sleep most of the way!? See you soon!


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