I Think the Sky is Falling…

Things have not been going well all month, but this week totally bites. And don’t you want to know why that is? Okay, Okay! I’ll tell ya…

  1. Today is my birthday. I’m older. Again!  I will spend all morning and early afternoon on the road going to my Endocrinologist’s office. It takes about 2 hours to drive one-way.
  2. Not that I should be in some big hurry to get home. There will be no party, cake, or gifts waiting there.  In another few years this won’t hurt as much, I’ll be so forgetful by then.
  3. The only party will be a Pity Party that I am throwing myself, for me. No cake of course, but plenty of popcorn and toffee peanuts to crunch on.  While I still can, you know, because…
  4. I have a root canal scheduled tomorrow morning. So there will be no crunching the rest of the week. Ice packs, soup, yogurt, pudding and don’t forget the jello – will be on my diet.  Can’t wait.  Note to self: Make the jello and pudding tonight.
  5. 49er Football, as I know it, is over. Justin Smith (Photo © 49ers 2014) announced his retirement on Monday. When I read the news on the sports page, I had tears running down my face. Not Justin! This will break up the dynamic duo (our pet name for the Aldon Smith and Justin Smith combo).
  6. The 49ers are completely FUBAR now. It was pretty bad before, knowing that many key players retired or signed with other teams.  – but this has to be the saddest season in 49er history.  And no games have even been played yet.


Good-Bye and God Speed, Justin. We all loved watching you on the field  ♥