I Think the Sky is Falling…

Things have not been going well all month, but this week totally bites. And don’t you want to know why that is? Okay, Okay! I’ll tell ya…

  1. Today is my birthday. I’m older. Again!  I will spend all morning and early afternoon on the road going to my Endocrinologist’s office. It takes about 2 hours to drive one-way.
  2. Not that I should be in some big hurry to get home. There will be no party, cake, or gifts waiting there.  In another few years this won’t hurt as much, I’ll be so forgetful by then.
  3. The only party will be a Pity Party that I am throwing myself, for me. No cake of course, but plenty of popcorn and toffee peanuts to crunch on.  While I still can, you know, because…
  4. I have a root canal scheduled tomorrow morning. So there will be no crunching the rest of the week. Ice packs, soup, yogurt, pudding and don’t forget the jello – will be on my diet.  Can’t wait.  Note to self: Make the jello and pudding tonight.
  5. 49er Football, as I know it, is over. Justin Smith (Photo © 49ers 2014) announced his retirement on Monday. When I read the news on the sports page, I had tears running down my face. Not Justin! This will break up the dynamic duo (our pet name for the Aldon Smith and Justin Smith combo).
  6. The 49ers are completely FUBAR now. It was pretty bad before, knowing that many key players retired or signed with other teams.  – but this has to be the saddest season in 49er history.  And no games have even been played yet.


Good-Bye and God Speed, Justin. We all loved watching you on the field  ♥


An Open Letter To Jed York & Trent Baalke

Dear Beavis & Butthead,

You have taken an awesome NFL team and F$#@ed it all up.   49er-logoWHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Do you even like football?

You got smart (or was it an accident?)  in 2011 when you hired Jim Harbaugh and his staff. HE had his stuff together, HE loves football, HE had been a Quarterback in the NFL and worked well with Alex Smith and then-rookie Colin Kaepernick. After years of losing more games than winning – the 49ers finally make the playoffs. Then Alex gets hurt and Colin takes his place. Kap’s athleticism, strength, and talent blew everyone away.  The NFL commentators & the press fell in love with Colin and he was now the “chosen one”. Sorry Alex, but the kid walks on water, so we are giving him your job.

THEN…  Something happened. And we can’t get a straight and honest answer about what. For some reason last year you couldn’t get rid of Harbaugh fast enough. This put morale in the dumper, and, adding stress to that you have yourself a team that can’t focus. Remember, this is the team that had to work with a new head coach every year, until you hired Harbaugh. With one out of the four years of his contract remaining, rumors started that Harbaugh was looking for another job. I suspect you guys started it, but that’s moot now. Harbaugh is history.

Jim Tomsula has been with the 49ers long enough to know that he took a temp job.  No 49er coach makes it to the end of their contract. Everybody knows that.

We faithful convinced ourselves it was a nasty rumor, right up until the announcement.

That was the first of your BAD stupid STUPID decisions.

WHAT was your problem with him? He was shaping the 49ers back into the well-oiled machine they used to be.  We were gaining momentum, our reputation and pride were growing again. We liked this guy, Jim Harbaugh. We loved how he watched the plays so intently, and was emotionally committed to the team. He took bad calls personally, and he celebrated along with his players and their fans. We were so happy you brought him to the team.

Either you guys have really bad memories (brain damage?), or there is no loyalty in football. At least not in the executive booth. The players and the fans have plenty of it. Maybe not as much as they used to – considering…

FrankGore  Considering that you two bozos are firing, letting go, or not keeping key players on board. 49er greats like Gore and Iupati are moving on to other teams. Wait, WHAT!?!  FRANK GORE!? is no longer a 49er?  He signed up with Indianapolis this week.  Apparently, you did NOT do everything you could to keep him. LIARS!

You were so broken up about losing strong, veteran players (Ha!) that you hustled and hired 4 new guys. I would guess you were familiar with their NFL records, but were you aware of their criminal records?  Remember Ray McDonald? Bruce Miller?  You signed up for more of that? AND YOU DIDN’T TRY TO KEEP FRANK?  I imagine the NFC West are doing happy-dances about now.

OK, this is the horrifying nightmare of the 2015 season:

Who will NOT be a 49er:                           

  • Patrick Willis
  • Frank Gore
  • Justin Smith/ Aldon Smith – assumed will be gone
  • Mike Iupati
  • Chris Culliver
  • Dan Skuta
  • Stevie Johnson
  • Perrish Cox
  • Michael Crabtree

  Who WILL be a 49er:

  • QB-Blaine Gabbert (re-signed for 2-yr)
  • TE-Garrett Celek (re-signed for 1-yr)
  • LS-Kyle Nelson (re-signed for 4-yr)

NEW Guys:

  • WR-Torrey Smith (5-yrs)
  • DT-Darnell Dockett (2-yrs)
  • WR-Jerome Simpson (2-yrs)
  •  RB-Jarryd Hayne, from Aussie Rugby Team (3-yrs) free-agent

Well, that concludes my rant. I feel a little better now, but I won’t be able to relax until this free-agent craziness ends!

Be well and prosper, guys. No matter which team you are playing for.  ❤

Little 49er Fan






49er’s Fans Ask For Less Comments and More Action

49er-logoIn spite of their efforts to beef up defense against running plays, and their  defensive lineman that thinks he is the God Of Thunder, the 49er’s beat Green Bay in the season opener. Again.


It was a great, exciting game! In spite of my usual complaint.

So, Troy Aiken and Joe Buck – why did you re-play the same tackle (over and over, and over again), showing Kaepernick getting massacred by Clay Matthews? This happened in the first half – along with many other plays that ended happier. Maybe it was the brawl that broke out after the hit that captivated you.

I agree that Matthews late hit was a nasty move, in fact, hubby and I both roared in protest when it happened.  A penalty was called, the players warned, and the next play was underway. We all had to move on. Everyone, except you two, moved on.

Then, y’all started talking about the ‘big mistake’ the ref’s made by ruling the repeat of the 3rd down. Then you speculated about how the 49er’s would not have gotten a touchdown otherwise. Oh, really??

There is no rule that says you have to kick on the 4th down. The 49er’s may have decided to go for it on the 4th down. Y’all don’t read minds, you just repeat whatever pops into your head at the time.  And… who says that repeating the 3rd down was a mistake? After all, this was not your typical ‘late hit’, was it?

All during the pre-season and tonight’s opener, I am increasingly irritated by inane chatter and opinions offered by whoever happens to be in the announcer’s box.

Don’t get me wrong – I love you, Troy and Joe. You are the least annoying commentators I’ve seen.  But…  this is me and I have to give you some tips on how you can improve your fanability*.

1. Enough of the reciting of stats and prior season flashbacks  – we are trying to watch this game. The one our team is playing. Now.

2. We do not care what happened in Miami five years ago. And we certainly don’t want to miss our teams current play so you can show film clips of the damned thing.

3. Your job is not to entertain us. We don’t care what you think the players or the coach is thinking, or going to do.

4. Some history or trivia about the players is fine to pass along (but NOT during a play). Re-plays of the last play are fine – once. The next play will be soon, and we want to watch that play as it happens.

5. If you don’t have something pertinent to the current game – shut up and watch.



* Fanability: adjective, [fan ah′ bill it tee]: Having the ability to please an audience or crowd.
Source: The Dictionary of Words That Should Exist