I “borrowed” this photo from a friend’s Facebook post the other day. Or a couple of months ago – I am having issues with time lately. Regardless, the photo speaks volumes.  The first look told me it was taken during a float-trip. Not a surprise – my friends often go camping & floating in the summer. Missouri is not experiencing a drought and there are many lakes and rivers to play in.


The second time I examined the photo, I noticed that the river was glass, reflecting its surroundings like a mirror.  The person(s) in the canoe were not rowing, but instead floating along in no hurry, kicking back and enjoying the ride.

It is also possible that the person belonging to the legs in the canoe is asleep and a different person took the photo from behind her or him. Maybe the legs belong to a jerk who is making his girlfriend (not for long) sit in the back and steer all day because she wasn’t putting out on this nightmare of a camping trip.

What I mean to say is this; we only know what the photo shows us. Our perception of the scene is uniquely ours, causing us to interpret, then feel an emotional response of some kind.

What do YOU see & feel when you look at it?