Friday’s Funk

Q. What happened to Giggles & Bits Thursday?  beating_heart
A. Prince died

And now the funk has followed me into Friday. It’s a numb, sad, feeling of loss. I am wondering why this affects me so much, I’m a fan, yes, but I have not followed his music for years now. He was one of my favorite musicians during the 80’s. I had a lot of favorites back then, the 80’s were great for rock & roll. Queen, Aerosmith, Joan Jett, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen, and Michael Jackson – to name a few.

So… Now I am thinking about how celebrity deaths come in 3’s. Doris Roberts, now Prince. Who is behind door number 3?  Perhaps 1 and 2 are Garry Shandling & Doris Roberts, or Patty Duke and Garry, then Doris, making Prince number 1. We won’t know until the rest of April goes by. If a major celebrity passes before May, Prince would really be number 2 (I think.) Anyway, that is confusing and not even the point.

What is my point?

I have been depressed this month, before Prince left this world. Now I’m depressed AND sad. This means it’s time to write a Gratitude List. Tonight I’m too tired (and sad). This week-end I will make the time to write one. I know it will make me feel better!

♥  Rest in Peace, my Prince  ♥