Plan B

Draft #4 (D-4) has begun. It will be the Final Draft. At last.

D-3 was a lot of gutting and changing plot, outline & characters, so D-4 is a complete mess. Things need to be organized so they can be written and then all tied up at the end. Like a book, say.

Five years are enough! I made 2 major errors that have come back to haunt my efforts.  The first is that my outline was too sketchy.  The second error springs from the first one: I can’t make up my mind. About the end, the start & critical scenes.  So what do I do? I go into Deny and Avoid mode and nothing gets accomplished. I sit at my computer and catch up on email, work on Mary Kay or the Quilter’s Guild correspondence & website maintenance.

Anything and everything. Except for The Novel. Once I realized I was doing this and becoming depressed about being afraid of my writing, I had to do something about it. Deny and Avoid mode must be turned around into Focused and Excited mode.

In order to get to the damned point, yes, there is one, I have a Plan B. Why should you care?  Because Plan B involves YOU! The wonderful and fun people who read this blog, can now get a peek into the fictional story that has consumed me for over 5 years.

All I ask is that you read it.

Some or all – is up to you. I do not expect comments (good or bad) about the story – no book reports or pop-quizzes either.  I need to know that someone out there is reading my story, so I stay motivated to keep going and finish what I started.

I’m not making any promises of total chronological order, or a certain daily word count. I do intend to devote as much time as I possibly can.  So, when I write only a couple of words  – such as:  “Research and more Research!”,  you can bet that I was actually doing just that.

I remain “Not Pretending” here at my place  🙂
– Jodi Lea

♥  TTFN  ♥


May those who read, enjoy