Silly Saturday

I come across some very fun stuff while doing research on the internet. When I saw this poster – I laughed, but I did not agree with it.

As a woman of “a certain age”. I do have gray hair, and yes, wrinkles, however, I am not growing radical.

I do not want to take over anything, least of all this insane world. I want to relax, enjoy the moment, be me. Not Guild President, computer tech, nerd, switchboard operator, or any other thing I have been labeled as.

Young people would be shocked to find out that women with gray hair and wrinkles still feel the feelings of a 20-year old. No matter our experiences, wisdom and challenges – our ‘inner age’ does not match what we see in the mirror.

What is YOUR inner age?

2 thoughts on “Silly Saturday

  1. My mind still thinks I’m 25. My body thinks I’m 80-something. I’m chronologically 53. So it all works out in the end. 🙂


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