Adventures in Inverness Scotland

I learned something important today.  Maybe I should say I re-learned it because I learned this lesson several times prior to today.  Grrrr!  Never assume. Never assume that hubby understands what you are wanting him to do.  Specifically.  Exactly.

This afternoon while everyone was napping, I transferred photos off my camera and organized them by port, because I am OCD like that.  To my dismay, I discovered that the photos I asked him to take were missing something.  Something that made them make sense along with the copy I planned to write.  Unless you are familiar with this area I’m sure the joke is lost.  It really wasn’t that hilarious in the first place and now it is useless.NessieSpottedMeAtTheRiverNess

The sign my hubby forgot to get in the photo said: ‘River Ness’.

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