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The sweet calming scene below was what I saw yesterday for a 30-minute bus ride to Kirkwall, Scotland.  It was a sunny day, for Scotland, meaning clouds but no rain. Each field was a slightly different shade of green and some were quite brilliant.  I have seen farmland before, but this was perfect.

Our bus then stopped for a photo op at a formation of stones  called “The Ring of Brodgar.”

This ancient ring of stones pre-dates Stonehenge and the Pyramids.  This fact startled me!  A lot of things startled me about the British Isles, but I will save that for another post…

Brodgar is protected by a “moat” of soggy swampish ground. We could stare and take pix of them, even walk around them, but we could not touch.

We saw a few long-haired cows on the ride home who had partially shed their coats.  They looked so pitiful they were cute. Initially, we thought they had mange.

This cow was shy, so I could not photograph her rear where the long shaggy hair was remaining.

Compare her front and back legs and her south end.  You can almost see it.

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