Guardian Angels

Do you believe that you have one?
If so, what do they look like? What is their name?

Does anybody ever think about this kind of stuff?

My brain, when not engaged in something specific, will meander and randomly grab snippets of memories, conversations, scenes from a movie – anything that pops into my head is fair game.

Today, my Guardian Angel came to mind while I was driving down the highway and the “Road Work” signs were out, equipment creeping into the lane – well, you know.  The “Flagman Ahead” sign told me a 15-minute wait would be in order. My brain wanted to answer all the questions about my Guardian Angel that I asked you.

  • Do you believe that you have one?   Yes
  • If so, what do they look like?  A handsome, muscular, and strong man.
  • What is their name?   Gabriel

I can speculate all I want to, but most likely Gabriel has more important tasks than me.  If we keep our guardians our entire life, chances are mine is a bit worse for wear by now.

           Day Dream










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